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 Rules and Regulation

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Rules and Regulation Empty
PostSubject: Rules and Regulation   Rules and Regulation Icon_minitimeWed Dec 23, 2009 12:58 pm

General Rules to be Maintain (For All Categories and Forums)

1. Don't double post.
2. Don't spam.
3. Do not flame.
4. Don't use vulgar, foul and indecent words.
5. Topics must be submitted to the relevant forums.
6. Do not post links to any other forums or blogs.
7. English only policy (EOP) should be maintained.
8. Racist or any kind of discrimination is not allowed.

(Sanctions depends on the rules that has being break.)

Warning - you are warned for breaking rules. after 3 warnings, your account will be fully
Time Banned - your account is banned for a limit of time only (ex. 3-6 days ban)
Fully Banned - your account is fully banned and cannot be used again.
I.P. Banned - your IP is completely banned. You cannot log-in and register anymore once you
are ip banned.


Rules and Regulation I_logo
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Rules and Regulation
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